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A freak show of odd happenings and non making sensedness Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Every now and again I leave the confines of the internet and venture outside. This is my trip to...


Wednesday and I'm putting the last bunch of things in my bag ready to leave, thats a rolled up pair of boxers in there. We were told to bring a sketch book and something to draw with... Derek gets everywere!

Hours later and me and Carl are finally on the coach, thats me eating a ham sandwich... Mmm pig in bread

Another couple of hours and a game of I Spy later and we have arrived in Norwich next to the river... What a beautiful view of the building site we have.

This is our room and Carl is the first to see whats on TV... 10 channels and nothing But Teletubbies

Thursday and we were rudley woken up by the maid whose keys not only open the door but unlocks it at the same time. we then found a place to get breakfast then we were off to the playhouse to see some animations...

We were then stuck for anything to do so me and Carl decided to explore the town. This is the mall it is one of the greatest places in Norwich, five floors of fun, aaaand what a coincidence there's a coffee shop with my name on it.

We also regressed ourselves back to 5 year olds and had some fun in a kiddie park

Friday and our teabags exploded...
We found glass in our mugs...

We got harrassed by puppets before seeing some animations...

And realised that there are alot of buses in Norwich.

We also explored the town market where I bought a new silly hat... look how happy I am, someone shoot my cheery ass!

Since Friday was our last day we decide to get a pizza wich wasnt cut properly, we didnt have any knives so we had no choice but to use craft scizzors. After eating the snippity snip pizza we went to the bar downstairs with Pam and Laura from 2 doors down...

Saturday and we decde to go back to our rooms and it gets a little weird from there...

Suddenly its morning and as you can see carl and I are hungover, what a day to have to go home... I get travel sick aswell
That was a fun trip, shame carl is strangling me!


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